The JUMO variTRON Automation System is Expanding

Greater flexibility thanks to 3 new modules

The JUMO variTRON automation system impresses with its high performance speed and its modular operating philosophy. 3 new modules have now been added to the application areas.


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The 32-channel digital I/O module comes with 32 channels. Of these, 17 are configured as digital outputs by default. Up to 3 optional plug-in boards can each be used to connect 5 digital inputs or outputs. The digital input signals can be processed further in the JUMO variTRON central processing unit. Switching statuses are visualized with LED displays.

The new 2-port router module extends the central processing unit of the JUMO variTRON by 2 system bus outputs. As a result, the system bus can be transferred to the (equally) new 3-port router module on other DIN rails in the same or in other control cabinets up to 100 m away. This way, input and output modules can be distributed and the automation system can be arranged in a decentralized manner. Addressing via rotary coding switches can be implemented for special applications.

All 3 products allow a quick wiring of operating voltage and system bus by simply plugging the modules together.

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