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General conditions of supply and services JUMO ITALIA Srl

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General conditions of delivery and services

PDF 99kB - Edition10/2018


General conditions of sale

1) Offers

The dimensions and weights given in our technical documentation are approximate and may be changed by us at any time.

The drawings and documentation attached to our offers are intended for the exclusive use of the purchaser, with explicit prohibition to make them accessible, even partially, to third parties without our written permission.

The manuals are available in English, French and German and can be downloaded from our website:

2) Supply conditions

The terms of the sales contract (quantity of products, prices, delivery dates, etc.) remain determined by our order confirmations and/or invoices, in case of lack of order confirmation. Commitments and/or clarifications of any kind issued verbally by our salesmen or agents are of no value to us.

Modifications to the above conditions require our written agreement.

3) Prices and payment terms

Our prices are valid ex our head office and warehouses. They do not include the V.A.T. foreseen by the law, the cost of packaging and collection expenses. The payment of our invoices must be made within the established terms.

Any observation that may be made on the prices of individual invoices must be made immediately and not at settlement.

In case of late payment, we reserve the right to charge interest at the current market rate.

4) Delivery terms

The delivery terms are indicated on our order confirmations and are considered to have been met if, on the dates indicated, the goods have left our warehouses.

These delivery times are not binding, but only indicative, however we will undertake what is reasonably necessary to maintain them.

We decline any responsibility for delays due to force majeure, including strikes. The same applies to delays caused by unforeseen impediments of our sub-suppliers.

Should the delivery be delayed at the request of and/or by the purchaser, we shall be entitled to dispose of the goods differently, or to delay their delivery further, without prejudice to our right to claim damages.

We shall only be obliged to comply with the delivery terms if the purchaser has complied with the terms of the sales contract.

5) Risk and acceptance of goods

The goods travel at the risk and danger of the purchaser even if sold free domicile. The shipments are made in the way that we consider most convenient unless precise indications. Any packaging will be invoiced at cost price and will not be taken back. Claims for apparent defects must be made within 8 days from the arrival of the goods to be valid.

If the shipment is delayed at the request of the purchaser, the risk remains at his expense from the day of preparation of the shipment.

We reserve the right to make partial deliveries.

6) Reservation of title

The ownership of the goods supplied by us remains unconditionally ours until all claims arising from the business relationship with the purchaser have been settled in full.

Until our claims have been satisfied in full, the purchaser may not dispose of, resell or pledge the goods without our prior written consent. In order to better protect the reservation of title in our favor, if the buyer fails to meet his payment obligations or duties resulting from the reservation of title in our favor, the remaining balance of the price shall become payable immediately. In such cases, we reserve the right to demand the return of the goods and to collect them from the purchaser, who will then lose the right to acquire ownership.

7) Warranty

The warranty covers defects in the goods sold that occur within six months from the date of installation and in any case does not exceed twelve months from the date of delivery. The components that should fail in that period due to manufacturing defects will be, at our discretion, replaced or repaired free of charge, provided that the defect is communicated to us in writing by the buyer within eight days of its detection.

The warranty is rendered free of charge at our headquarters in Sesto San Giovanni: the costs of shipping the defective goods and return of goods replaced under warranty are borne by the purchaser.

The replaced items remain our property.

In any case, the warranty is automatically void for the following causes

incorrect use, according to catalog data;
improper storage prior to commissioning;
functional defects caused by chemical, electrochemical, electrical, etc. influences for which we are not responsible;
tampering with the equipment by the purchaser;

In the case of third-party manufacturers, the warranty is limited to the assignment to the purchaser of any claims we may have against our suppliers.

Furthermore, we decline any responsibility for damage to persons or objects that are not part of our supplies, as well as for the case of unsuitability of the goods sold to the needs of the purchaser.

In no event shall Jumo Italia Srl be liable for loss of profit or loss of use or downtime of the product or any associated machinery, for claims by the purchaser and/or third parties relating to the aforementioned damages or for any indirect or consequential damages.

8) Buyer's withdrawal

In the event of withdrawal from the sales contract by the purchaser, we reserve the right to charge the costs incurred by us for studies, drawings, preparation of materials, etc. up to the time of receipt by us of the written notice of withdrawal.

9) Withdrawal by us and rectification of the contract

We reserve the right to modify the contractual terms, even in the event of a single event not provided for in these general conditions of sale that affects the value and/or the content of the sales contract or that results in excessive economic disadvantages for us, without any obligation to pay compensation for damages on our part. In particular, contractual clauses of the purchaser that do not comply with our general terms and conditions of sale shall be deemed invalid without our prior written agreement.

10) Return of Goods

The return of goods requires our prior written agreement and we reserve the right to charge the purchaser for the costs of return, reconditioning, as well as all the expenses we will incur for the refurbishment of the products returned to us.

Excluded from the possibility of return by the purchaser are in any case special products manufactured by us at the request of the purchaser or products purchased by us from third parties at the request of the purchaser.

11) Place of jurisdiction

Any controversy will be settled by the Court of Milan. We shall be entitled to file suit in the place of the purchaser's head office.

The placing of the order by the purchaser, as well as the principle of the execution of the contract following the order confirmation, are equivalent to an express approval specifically, according to art. 1341 c.c., of the conditions of the articles n.1, paragraph 2: art. n.3, paragraph 2: art. n.4, paragraph 2 and 3: art. n.5, art. n.7, art. n.9, art. n.11.