Flexible humidity and temperature transmitter with optional CO2 module

Optimal Climate with JUMO hydroTRANS

Devices of the JUMO hydroTRANS series are reliable humidity and temperature transmitters with an optional CO2 module, which operate according to the capacitive measurement method. The device series is available with various interfaces. It is characterized by easy installation, robustness, and reliable sensor technology.


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Precise humidity and temperature monitoring is the basic requirement for accurate control of indoor and process air. As a result, users from the HVAC field (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) can reduce costs and minimize maintenance effort.

The JUMO hydroTRANS is the ideal partner for climate monitoring in offices and living quarters, railway applications, warehouses, or production halls. It is available in 4 variants: wall-mounted, duct, rod, or indoor. All of these versions can be mounted and installed very easily. The various models with protection classes between IP20 and IP65 make the device suitable for a wide range of building automation applications.

The measuring range includes 0 to 100 % rH, while the accuracy is 2 % rH. JUMO hydroTRANS has a modern color display and can be used in temperature ranges between -40 to +80 °C. A variant with an optional CO2 module, which has a measuring range of up to 10 000 ppm, is available for precise determination of the indoor air quality. Very low response times can be achieved by placing the module in the probe head. A voltage and current output as well as Modbus are available as interfaces.

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