The JUMO Family Celebrated with an Unforgettable Party until the Early Morning Hours

Around 1200 employees in the "Esperanto" / Vision "JUMO Gets It Done!" and anniversary motto "People and Technology on the Move" could be experienced up close / The JUMO band warmed things up with a self-composed catchy tune


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The atmosphere at the "Esperanto" was unparalleled from the very start when the JUMO family came together in June to celebrate the company's 75th anniversary as a special milestone. This celebration once again underscored the deep bond between the traditional Fulda-based company and its employees. The sense of unity could be felt across all departments and production areas as well as sites outside Germany – a big family that successfully continues to write its 75-year history together.

"Each and every one of you makes a valuable contribution to JUMO's success. Your passion, your commitment, and your professionalism guarantee our future success as a company," said Chief Executive Officer Dimitrios Charisiadis. "You can feel the JUMO spirit up here on the stage, the spirit that has driven us forward with positivity all these decades," emphasized Chief Operating Officer Dr. Steffen Hoßfeld.

The JUMO brand was the focus of the evening. Numerous exhibits – from the brewing plant to water fountains – were on display, true to the corporate vision "JUMO Gets It Done" and the anniversary motto "People and Technology on the Move". After the official part of the evening, the JUMO family took to the dance floor and celebrated until the early hours of the morning. The JUMO band warmed the guests up with their especially composed catchy tune "JUMO Gets It Done".

"It was important to us that the participants could really experience our vision and the motto with all their senses at the event – and that this unique experience with the JUMO family would be remembered by everyone," Sabine Hauß pointed out (Team Leader for Marketing Campaigns and Live Communication). Together with Helge Jost (Marketing Campaign Management / Project Management for "75 Years JUMO") and the "Anniversary Year Organization Team" she had set up the event. As a result, the planning did not involve a stiff stage program or a fixed seating arrangement, but instead featured casual interviews on stage and lots of interactive games in another hall.

It was precisely this free seating arrangement that many took advantage of to renew and strengthen old ties. Many colleagues were happy to have a longer conversation with other employees after the pandemic over delicious food and a cool drink while celebrating together in front of the stage. That is how emotions were evoked and unforgettable memories were created. The laser show to the soundtrack of "Pirates of the Caribbean" in particular caused awe and enthusiasm as every moment was a minor or major highlight. JUMO's 75th anniversary employee party was an eventful party built on solidarity and enthusiasm.

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